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Caffe Poli

What does it mean to be a coffee connoisseur? This is, first of all, an opportunity to subtly feel the aromas and unique taste qualities of an exquisite drink. Nowadays, among the wide range of such invigorating drinks, there are manufacturers whose products can be considered, indeed, a work of art in the world of coffee. And one of these brands is considered coffee Poli (Caffe Poli).

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Poly coffee in Kyiv can be found on the menu of almost any solid restaurant or cafe. In addition, you can also buy Poly coffee in Ukraine at any coffee machine. However, few people know what is responsible for such high popularity of this brand.


The founder of Caffe Poli is the Italian Romano Poli, who started his career by importing coffee beans. In the process of working and getting acquainted with the amazing aromas of grains, he increasingly felt the passion and desire for new taste experiments, which prompted him to start roasting grains in search of new unique aromas. Thus, in 1965, the Caffe Poli brand began its official existence. Romano's vast experience in working with coffee drinks and amazing purposefulness allowed him to turn any business into large-scale production. In 1994, Romano Poli founded the Caffe Poli company, after which the active wholesale sale of Poli coffee began.


Flavored coffee is considered the pride of the brand. A unique approach to grain processing made it possible to achieve a truly unique range of aromas. In addition, the flavored Caffe Poli is a patented product of the company, but its price always remains affordable.

You can buy Caffe Poli products in Kyiv in almost any cafe and restaurant, and it is not necessarily coffee. In addition to Poly coffee, you can also find unique herbal collections, teas, and coffee liqueurs in Kyiv.

The price of Caffe Poli has always been justified by its unique aroma and taste qualities. Today, the company is managed by the children of Romano Poli, but in addition to the famous European brand, they also inherited the amazing talent of their father along with a genuine passion for coffee drinks, which allows them to produce more and more new flavors to this day.

UAH 10.00
100% Arabica. An exclusive blend of Arabica varieties, delicate aroma, sweet taste with confident and valuable bitterness. This is what you need for the perfect coffee for every moment of the day. Intense and persistent aftertaste (taste in the mouth). Coffee has an incomparable aroma, rich in emotions, full of intensity.
UAH 10.00
The ideal coffee for those who cannot live without the real taste of "espresso".
UAH 10.00
A truly superior Ristretto, full of meaning as it should be.
UAH 10.00
Well-balanced sweet-sour tones with a rich and elegant aroma. Soft and slightly persistent taste.
UAH 10.00
50% Arabica, 50% Robusta. A coffee blend with a rich and rich taste. It consists of varieties of grains from the elevated regions of South America. It has a rich, very rich and intense taste, with a hint of chocolate. Due to its complete character, coffee in capsules Caffe Poli Gusto Classico is "classic Italian espresso coffee", drinking it in the morning will give you energy for the whole day.
UAH 10.00
Coffee in Caffe Poli Intenso capsules is a blend of the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta with a rich taste and delicate aroma. With the help of capsules, you can prepare aromatic coffee with the taste of toasted bread, fruity and spicy notes and a rich aroma of cocoa. Capsules are compatible with Nespresso coffee systems.
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