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Professional coffee machines

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The stylish and functional Saeco Idea Restyle Cappuccino premium quality machine will understand you from the first touch and prepare a drink with a rich taste and bright aroma. The machine is a fully automatic system. Thanks to the programmed mode, its built-in cappuccino maker automatically whips up milk, creating delicate foam. It is equipped with a built-in coffee grinder, which allows you to use whole grains for it. The degree of grinding can also be adjusted. All options, together with the menu, are displayed on a color 3.5-inch display. It is not difficult to understand all the features and nuances of management, the user-friendly interface will be intuitive even for an inexperienced user. The technical side of the device is also at a height - the device is equipped with two separate boilers for water and steam, as well as three hydraulic circuits, which makes it possible to supply hot water, steam, milk and coffee at the same time.
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A small coffee machine in a stylish metal case will fit perfectly into a limited space. It does not take up much space, and in addition, in the upper part of the case there is a shelf designed for storing cups on it. This is convenient for two reasons - in this position, firstly, the cups are heated, and secondly, they do not take up extra space in the kitchen. Two independent groups are able to simultaneously prepare up to 4 portions of espresso. The supply of steam and water also works independently. And you can monitor the pressure with the help of a sensor located on the outer part of the case.
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The high performance of the Saeco Aroma SE 200 coffee machine makes it ideal for bars, restaurants and cafes. It is able to prepare up to 4 portions of espresso at the same time, and two independent cappuccino makers will easily whip milk into a delicate foam for a latte or cappuccino. This model is very easy to use - all designations on the buttons are intuitive, so operating the machine will not cause difficulties even for a beginner. In addition, the user can adapt many characteristics, such as water temperature, its pressure and dose, to his needs, which greatly expands the possibilities of preparing a drink.
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The modern Gaggia Deco D industrial machine will perfectly fit into the interior of any establishment due to its appearance. It is bright, modern, and has high performance. The unique programming system allows you to automate the process of preparing an aromatic drink as much as possible without losing its taste qualities. At the same time, Gaggia Deco D is able to prepare up to four portions of espresso. And a convenient panel for cups in the upper part of the case heats the cups and at the same time serves as a place to store them, which allows you to save space.
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The coffee machine, designed with the wishes of the barista in mind, is equipped with the latest technologies to optimize its functions.

The working area is equipped with LED lighting to make working with the machine as comfortable as possible.

The barista of your establishment can independently adjust the volume and temperature of hot water. On the front surface of the device there is a small screen for managing coffee machine programs, configurations of coffee doses, temperature and pressure. The place for cups on the top panel of Gaggia La Reale will help to save space around the coffee machine, in addition, all the necessary coffee cups will always be at hand for the barista. The instant water supply system for tea, programmed for the possible setting of water temperature or portion sizes, will make it possible to prepare delicious tea for the guests of the establishment in a matter of seconds. The special function DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) provides regulation of the flow of coffee during extraction. It gives an opportunity to experiment with the taste, color, sweetness and acidity of the coffee drink.
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A novelty in the category of professional coffee machines is the Cino "Maia" coffee machine.

When preparing coffee with this coffee machine, coffee in Nespresso® capsules is used. SIMPLE, CONVENIENT and FAST

The coffee maker can be controlled by buttons, and all operations are displayed on a color LED screen.

When preparing coffee drinks, you can choose two cup sizes. If you want to prepare a drink, you only need to insert the capsule into its designated place, select the desired drink and press the button to prepare the drink. This coffee machine also has a steam nozzle.

With this tip, it is easy to prepare milk for coffee drinks with milk. In addition, the coffee maker is equipped with a nozzle for hot water. SIMPLE CARE

Used capsules automatically fall into their designated reservoir. Since drinks are prepared using coffee in capsules, the surrounding surfaces remain clean during coffee preparation, and the coffee maker does not require additional maintenance. The container for used capsules is easy to get to. This reservoir holds up to 30 used capsules.
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