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Nero Aroma Caffe

The popular European coffee brand Nero Aroma has a fifty-year history. Special technologies for roasting beans allowed the Italian company to become one of the leading coffee producers in Europe. Blending pure varieties of Robusta and Arabica from around the world, and processing them with the method of dark roasting, Nero Aroma coffee will not leave indifferent any lover of an invigorating drink.

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It is difficult to meet a European unfamiliar with this brand, but now it will not be difficult to buy Nero Aroma coffee in Kyiv. And thanks to the large assortment of aromas and tastes, you will easily find the most suitable option for you. You can buy Nero Aroma with a strong and bitter taste for a daily morning boost, or a milder taste for drinking throughout the day.


By selecting and carefully processing the best Arabica and Robusta beans, it allows you to fully experience the richness of the taste of a high-quality, invigorating drink. In addition, all products presented by the brand are famous for their amazing pleasant aftertaste. Despite the high technological level of production and excellent quality, the price of Nero Aroma coffee always remains affordable, thanks to which the brand enjoys popularity.

A rather interesting feature of production is exclusively natural processing of grains. During the day, each grain is dried in the sun's rays, while it is regularly mixed, while at night all the grains are covered from moisture. This approach to processing made it possible to preserve the saturation and fragrant aroma of the world-famous Brazilian Arabica as much as possible.

In Liberty Ukraine, you can buy coffee in bulk, so the price of Nero Aroma coffee products always remains acceptable, thanks to which you can make your morning as pleasant as possible with a hot mug of aromatic drink.

UAH 10.00
85% Arabica, 15% Robusta. Coffee Nero Aroma Classic 250gr is a classic Italian coffee with character and bright aroma, delicate bitterness and notes of spices are felt in the taste composition. It leaves behind a long aftertaste with hints of spices from spicy-sweet to spicy. Nero Aroma "Classic" will fill you with energy, invigorate your body and provide you with a great mood for the whole day.
UAH 10.00
90% Arabica, 10% Robusta. Coffee Nero Aroma Elite 250gr - coffee with a softer and more refined taste, with a slight acidity that emphasizes the high quality of the drink and gentle sweetness that gives it even more sophistication. It leaves behind a chocolate aftertaste of natural cocoa beans. Perfectly tones and relaxes your body.
UAH 10.00
95% Arabica, 5% Robusta.

Coffee Nero Aroma Exclusive 250gr - a mixture of valuable varieties of Arabica. The standard of tenderness, the taste of which is filled with fruity sweetness. The aftertaste resembles something between the notes of red wine and shades of fruit. The overture is a strong, but at the same time soft aroma. A bouquet of this drink will allow you to experience real pleasure.
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