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Snack machines

UAH 10.00
Tango can offer a wide range of products such as snacks, confectionery, fresh produce, cans or bottles - or a combination of all five. Simple design and excellent performance are combined in a machine that provides excellent value for money.
UAH 10.00
With a wide range of products on offer, Samba offers a flexible shopping experience to suit all tastes and needs, using the latest dispensing technologies such as Softvand and ETL (Electronic Aircraft Labels). Stylish and modern, Samba looks good in any environment, ideal for a wide range of trading requirements.
UAH 10.00
Festival is a smart solution for venues that require 24/7 catering services. This is not just a vending machine, but a real automatic canteen. The extreme flexibility of the configuration allows the user to choose between snacks, drinks, fresh dishes, fruits and yogurt. The machine has achieved an energy rating of A + (EVA EMP 3.0 protocol) thanks to its excellent performance in the field of energy saving.
UAH 10.00
Necta announces the release of Mambo, an Impulse model that can dispense not only food, but also a wide variety of other products! One look is enough to understand how innovative this snack machine is: Mambo looks like a real multi-store, capable of delivering up to 84 products from 14 planes, and it is. What's more, Mambo can offer products of all shapes and sizes thanks to the combination of its large drop chute and XL delivery hopper. Only thanks to its innovative functions, the device will be appropriate in areas with high attendance, where such qualities as reliability and variety of products offered for sale are winning qualities.
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