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Coffee grinders

UAH 10,000.00
The Macap M2 professional coffee grinder will ensure high-quality grinding of beans for making perfect coffee. Convenience of use and perfect precision of grinding adjustment - these are the main advantages of this device. Grinding wheels of coffee grinders are rather large grinding wheels. This design allows you to ensure the optimal temperature, preventing overheating of the grains and helping to preserve their taste and original aroma. Another advantage of this model is the portion dispenser, which together with other advantages and the chrome body makes this coffee grinder suitable for coffee shops, bars and restaurants.
UAH 3.00
The powerful grinder Remidag MST-64P E is equipped with flat-parallel millstones with a diameter of 64 millimeters, which ensures grinding of the highest quality. At one time, this model grinds exactly the amount of coffee needed to prepare 1-2 servings of coffee, which guarantees an unsurpassed freshness of taste and smell. The coffee grinder is controlled thanks to a color touch panel, which makes using the Remidag MST-64P E convenient even in the semi-darkness of a night bar. In addition, this model is able to "remember" the preferences of the barista. And the smooth micrometric adjustment will make it possible to adjust the process in the most precise way, which allows you to get a uniform grind, ideal for espresso.
UAH 3.00
Super powerful coffee grinder Remidag MST-64P EV (Super Veloci) is able to grind grains to prepare a portion of coffee in just 2 seconds. Such accuracy in dosing allows you to preserve the taste and aroma of the grain as much as possible to prepare a truly rich and tasty drink. Also, this model boasts perfectly uniform grinding thanks to the micrometric adjustment system. Separately, it is worth mentioning the multilingual digital display, thanks to which the device is controlled. Its interface is so simple and clear that it will not be difficult to understand it at all.
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