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Martino Caffe

UAH 10.00
Martino Caffe Crema Bar is a balanced 50/50 blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. It has a pronounced taste, lively and intense, with a strong aroma of roasted coffee, light acidity and a thick foam the color of roasted hazelnuts. Suitable for preparation in automatic and traditional espresso coffee makers. This is a universal blend that manifests itself both in traditional Italian espresso and in drinks with milk.
UAH 10.00
A successful combination of Arabica and Robusta with pleasant bitterness and a chocolate-caramel aftertaste. The mixture is created for true connoisseurs of Italian coffee. The drink is characterized by thick foam, high caffeine content, harmonious taste and strong aroma. Ideal coffee for making espresso and cappuccino.
UAH 10.00
A unique mixture of Arabica and robusta coffee beans specially roasted in Italy will give you a great taste and a great mood, as well as give you the necessary boost of energy. The drink has a thick consistency, resulting in a bright taste, rich aroma and spicy notes in a long aftertaste, which will give you real pleasure throughout the day.
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