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Coffee machines

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New machine for hot and cold drinks.
The latest technologies guarantee excellent product quality, and thanks to the modern design, with attractive graphics, Oasi 400 will become an accent for any interior. The machine is modular, which makes it possible to offer a wide range of services.
Can be combined with the Artico snack machine. In addition to coffee, you can also load up to 5 different types of soluble products and program up to 42 types of drinks.
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Fully automatic professional coffee machine.
Suitable for installation in large and medium-sized offices, public places, logistics centers and manufacturing companies. The machine is modular, so it can be easily combined with the Artico snack machine.
Due to this, a greater range of services is available, which is an absolute advantage compared to other models. It works with both natural and soluble products, which allows you to program up to 42 different drinks. The front panel is easy to configure, has a LED backlight, a clear interface and a color graphic 3.5-inch display.
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The Necta Kikko coffee machine is a universal multifunctional vending machine for preparing and selling drinks in automatic mode. The machine prepares 16 different drinks based on six ingredients. These are roasted coffee beans, dry cream, instant chocolate, instant tea or cappuccino, chicken broth and sugar. The Necta KIKKO machine is made in a miniature case with a hinged top cover, thanks to which it is easier to access the containers with ingredients, and makes the maintenance of the machine simple and convenient.
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Kikko Max is an enlarged version of the famous Kikko device. But this is not just an enlarged model of Kikko, the menu of the Kikko Max device has been updated, the interface has undergone refinement. The device took all the best from Necta devices, including updated mixers for making perfect drinks. The Kikko Max is equipped with a Z3000 brewing unit for preparing real espresso or drinks based on it.
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Canto Touch is at the top of the vending sector thanks to the quality and wide selection of drinks, innovative touch interface, intuitive for the user. Wide possibilities will allow customers to choose the drink that best suits their taste, with the possibility of choosing the volume of the drink, thanks to the technology of using two different glasses at the same time. Harmonious and modern design, attractive, intuitive and bright graphic interface. The device has a great visual impact with the help of emotional images and attractive images of drinks, and at the time of preparation of the drink there is an opportunity to show promotional videos or advertisements that bring maximum enjoyment of the drink.


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Brio Up is one of Necta's biggest successes in the last 20 years. It maintains exceptional quality when it comes to dispensing drinks, but also offers a number of significant innovations. Brio Up has a sleek black design enhanced by an intuitive interface. The device prepares drinks of the highest quality, thanks to the use of proven Necta technologies. And the advanced electronics of Brio Up simplifies the setup of the machine.
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