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Dolce Aroma

For those who still haven't found their perfect coffee, we recommend trying a drink from Italy from the Dolce Aroma brand. We are sure that you will like its taste.

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The line of Dolce Aroma coffee beans includes the following espresso blends:
GUSTO FORTE – dense aroma and rich taste with a chocolate aftertaste, will make you fall in love with yourself from the first sip.
DOLCE - - an intense aroma and a whole sea of ​​taste sensations, in which notes of flowers and fruits can be traced.
SUPERCREMA – the name speaks for itself.
Thick foam and rich aroma, for lovers of classic taste. • BAR – a strong and at the same time velvety taste alternates with the smells of leather and wood.

DOLCE AROMA - it will become your favorite

Dolce Aroma coffee beans are equally good for home and professional coffee makers. If your establishment sells coffee, we advise you to purchase blends. Your customers will probably be satisfied and will come back again for a cup of authentic Italian coffee.

UAH 10.00
When buying 100% Arabica coffee of the Dolce Aroma brand, you can be sure that the package contains high-quality, perfectly roasted in the best traditions of Italy, beans of various varieties of Arabica. A drink made from these grains will delight you with its rich taste and unique aroma.
UAH 10.00
The balanced blend of Dolce Aroma Bar makes the taste of coffee rich and velvety, with a slight sourness and a tart aftertaste of bitter chocolate. And a special roasting method helps preserve all the natural properties of the grain. The finished drink has a delicate, refined aroma with woody notes.
UAH 10.00
Dolce of the brand Dolce Aroma is one of the best blends for making espresso. Its balanced taste is complemented by a delicate foam, as well as a deep, rich aroma. A drink prepared from these beans will give pleasure to the most experienced coffee connoisseur.

UAH 10.00
Dark roasting gave Gusto Forte coffee of the Dolce Aroma brand a deep taste, a rich aroma and a bitter aftertaste with a slight hint of dark chocolate. Thanks to a small portion of robusta in the composition, the finished drink will be decorated with a delicate foam.
UAH 10.00
Super Crema ™ Dolce Aroma is a perfectly balanced blend that has a unique taste. The grains produce a strong, aromatic drink with a piquant bitterness and a caramel aftertaste, decorated with golden foam.
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