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When inspiration and taste come together, true magic is born. Action that causes surprise and admiration! Fill your day with a sense of exclusivity and buy a ZOE capsule coffee machine for unparalleled moments of enjoyment. Now is a special opportunity to discover the whole gamut of taste: by purchasing a ZOE coffee machine, you will receive an incredible gift - as many as 100 capsules as a gift! Let your coffee become a real work of art, which causes surprise and a feeling of great pleasure. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the world of taste that literally comes alive in every cup. Catch the moment when each sip opens up new sensations and takes you on an unforgettable journey through flavors. Do not hesitate, give yourself this gift from life - the ZOE capsule coffee machine and 100 capsules as a gift are waiting for you!


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  • 1. The mark for goods and services does not belong to Liberty Ukraine LLC and related companies.
  • 2. Name of the coffee maker model. Compatible with Nespresso capsules.
  • 3. The gift should be understood as the opportunity to purchase 2 packages of natural roasted ground coffee in capsules "Crema", "Colombia", "Classic", "Top Class" and "Lungo" Dolce Aroma® (10 pcs in a package) for the price of 1 UAH 0.00 including VAT per package.

The promotion is valid from 05/25/2023 to 07/03/2023, inclusive, subject to availability of goods in stock. The image of the product in the photo may differ from its real appearance.

About coffee

you are left alone with a cup of invigorating drink , sometimes you feel as if this cup is your whole life , and everything else is unimportant .

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